"I have sales associates coming into my business all the time, schools calling me to be involved with this and that, and five different organizations wanting me to belong so I can see marketing benefits.  How do I know what to use?"

The problem with most advertising associates is that they are trying to sell you something.  As with any type of sales, their goal is to asses what your budget may be and then garner as large a portion of that budget as possible for the company they represent.

"A great side benefit to an agency: all those reps call us, not you!"

All advertising companies have their strengths and the difficulty comes in trying to assess which ones have the strongest way to reach your potential and current customers and clients.  The answer is that the strongest method is a mix of many different methods available to your company.  We come in with the experience and knowledge to help you figure out a marketing budget, who your client is, and how they can best be reached maximizing your marketing investment.

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CK Miller Designs, Inc. has experience in the purchase of both Traditional Media and New Media marketing sources

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